Work With Me

What Goals Can I Help With?

  • I am trained to coach people on all aspects of their physical, mental and spiritual well-being: fitness and exercise, nutrition and healthy eating, relationship building and self-esteem, and purpose and vocation.
  • You may be:
    • preparing for a shift in life stage such as retirement or having an empty nest
    • looking for guidance on how to improve career prospects
    • hoping to fulfill a life ambition
    • considering your legacy and how to give back
    • wanting to improve your physical and mental fitness to feel stronger
    • needing to change your lifestyle due to chronic health issues or a new diagnosis
    • hoping to build new social connections after experiencing loss
    • seeking to regain enthusiasm and a sense of purpose
    • looking for help to manage stress

What Is Involved?

  • We’ll first have a free introductory session to discuss what you would like to achieve and the challenges you’ve faced to date. I will share some quick wins you can try.
  • If you would like to continue, we will then work together to devise an action plan and explore personalized behavior change techniques to get you where you want to be – healthy and happy!
  • I will be there as a source of support, inspiration and to hold you accountable.

Do I Need To Be In Fort Collins, Colorado?

  • No. We can conduct our sessions over the phone or online video chat.
  • If you are based in Fort Collins, we can agree on the best methods of communication to fit within your lifestyle. With the majority of my clients, we combine a mixture of calls and face-to-face sessions.


  • The first introductory session will be free.
  • I then offer a monthly fee of $200 which includes 4 1-hour sessions and 2 10-minute check-ins if needed.