Katie Evans: Health and Wellness Coach. Studied at the Institute of Wellness Education.

I’ve spent the first 10 years of my career working in advertising and audience research, learning what makes us tick and how to influence behavior. One thing is for sure: we do not act rationally.

It’s a complete falsehood – and I’m sure we all know this from personal experience – that willpower and information are enough for us to make healthier choices. Motivation will only get you so far and you’ll likely lose momentum and return to old habits eventually. So don’t feel despondent if you’ve struggled in the past.

I approach coaching from a behavioral science model and address the personal, social and environmental factors that influence our actions to set you up for lasting success. No fitness fads, no diet trends, no rules to follow. Instead, I will help you achieve what defines happiness and wellness for YOU and enable you to take ownership of your own set of behavior tools.

Most of all, our Vitalize Sessions will be enjoyable – I promise! We’ll uncover your hidden motives, brainstorm strategies and you’ll relish a new lease of life.