Best Blogs And Sites To Follow For Tips On Aging Well


Staying healthy and strong refers to both the mental and physical components of wellbeing. Below are my 7 favorite resources for inspiration and advice.

  1. Better After 50

This is an editorial site aimed at women specifically and covering topics such as mind/body, relationships and food. There are numerous contributors and they are all real women sharing real stories and experiences.

2. Next Avenue

Next Avenue is public media’s first and only national journalism service for America’s older population. Fresh content is delivered daily across the themes of health, money, work and purpose and learning. You can also sign up for the email newsletter.

3. Everyday Health

This site is not aimed solely at midlifers, however, there is a wealth of research and health advice regarding preventative care and nutrition advice. There’s an email newsletter and also recipes to try.

4. Changing Aging

Changing Aging provides a blog and podcast produced by Dr. Thomas and Kavan Peterson and they’ve worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies. Their aim is to challenge conventional views on aging to reposition the later life stages to be valued as an opportunity for personal development and growth.

5. Huffington Post Fifty

This is an editorial section within The Huffington Post main website, dedicated to stories and news relevant to midlifers. As to be expected with the Huff Post, this is premium journalism.

6. CogniFit

The CogniFit Blog provides updates on neuroscience research to keep your brain healthy and youthful. Not aimed specifically at mid-lifers but you can search for specific topics and themes that are.

7. Vitalize Sessions

And lastly, my blog – Vitalize Sessions – aims to share regular tips and advice on how to act on new information and research to incorporate it into your lifestyle.


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