5 Tricks To Eat More Fruit & Veggies


I’m no fan of diets or food fads but there’s no denying that most of us could do a better job of eating the rainbow. The recommendation is five portions of fruit or vegetables a day but this is a bare minimum – it should be closer to ten, but that’s a little too ambitious!

As we age, eating a wide variety of plants helps keep our brain function healthy, as well as our bodies. So it’s a lifestyle we need to adopt. However, making good choices at the grocery store is only half the battle, actually eating and snacking on all the good stuff is another. We’re creatures of habit, and inherently lazy, so below are five tricks to make eating healthily the easy option.

  1. Morning Ritual: associate one good habit with something you already do most mornings and eat a portion of fruit with your morning cup of coffee. If you get coffee to go, then leave fruit by your keys so you grab it when you leave in the morning and eat it when you drink your coffee.
  2. Snack Packs: get prepared and make a batch of healthy snacks to store on the top shelf of your fridge, your desk at work, anywhere you tend to reach when your stomach rumbles. Ideas could be sliced apples and nut butter, carrots and hummus, or freeze dried fruits
  3. Social Lunch Prep: finding the time and motivation to prepare lunch to take to work can be difficult. Make lunch prep a social event and invite friends over at the start of the week to make salads. If each friend brings 2 ingredients and their own containers, then you’ll have some lots of variety, a week’s worth of lunches for each of you and save money also.
  4. Game On: make it a game and take on the challenge to add one vegetable to every dinner favorite you cook. You could always compete with your partner or family for the best inventions. Perhaps try adding spinach to a frozen pizza, or carrots to a tomato-based pasta sauce.
  5. Fruit Bowl: simple but effective to prompt you to eat more fruit throughout the day. Keep the bowl in a high traffic area such as the kitchen or hallway.

Happy eating!

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